As of March 2024 Altamont Re-Nue Spa has a certificate of sanitation from the Albany County Department of health and has been approved as a studio for Tattooing and body Piercings.

With this Certificate we can now allow licensed artists or body piercers to rent within our building. If this is something that interest you - please feel free to reach out. 

​Rental or Commission options available. 

For more information please contact us to set up a tour and have further discussion. If you are unsure if you are ready to dive into booth rental, commission options can be made available for the right candidate. We can work with the individual to get their business where they want it to be and build up to rental status.
Contact Kristine via phone or email. Resumes can be sent to or using the following form below 


  • Street parking and a rear public parking lot are available for your clients. 
  • Website and Social media publishing to help promote any specials or services offered. 
  • Shampoo, conditioner, and waxing items are included in the weekly rental fee. 
  • The ability to choose your own product lines used and services offered. 
  • Onsite laundry for all linens.
  • Salon wellness rewards and referral programs to build and retain clientele 

Our Spa may be the perfect place for you to start your next business venture. The spa is full of kind and talented individuals which is what I believe to be the salons biggest asset. 

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