Hellen Wagner - 518-861-5723 Extension 1#

Hellen is a talented therapist that is familiar with the following modalities:

~Deep Tissue, Sports and Therapeutic 
~CranioSacral Therapy (CST)
~Myofascial Release/Manipulation

Hellen is accepting new clients. 

Altamont Re-Nue Spa - 518-861-5723 Extension 1#

The Spa is looking for talented, motivated individuals to join the team and serve the Altamont community. If you are interested in booth rental, or commission arrangements please inquire with Kristine Hover by phone or email 


  • Barbers
  • Stylists
  • Nail technicians 
  • Therapy providers

Accepting New Clients 

Join our Team    

Liocensed Esthetician  

Kristine Hover- 518-861-5723 Extension 1

Kristine started working at Re-Nue Spa in 2010. She left the spa in 2017 when her first daughter was born. Now she is now back as the new owner!! She is excited to keep Re-Nue spa going as the same type of spa with all its original charm.   

Katie Sisson - 518-861-5723 Extension 8#

Katie has been with Re-Nue Spa for 9 years. Katie is a stylist that enjoys coloring, lightening, and cutting. Katie can also do waxing, and nail services. Katie is accepting new clients.  

Liocensed Massage Therapists  

Melissa Whipple - 518-861-5723 Extension 1#

Melissa has been a therapist with Re-Nue since 2009 but paracticing massage therapy since 2007. She is a talented therapist that is familiar with the following modalities:

~Deep Tissue, Sports and Therapeutic
~​Mother Earth 
~CranioSacral Therapy (CST)
~Myofascial Release/Manipulation

Melissa is accepting new clients. 

Accepting New Clients 

Accepting New Clients 

Laura Spratt  - 518-861-5723 Extension 1#

Laura is a nail technician who enjoys getting to know her clients by providing luxurious pedicures and manicures.

Laura is accepting new clients 

Accepting New Clients 

Meet our Team of Talented Professionals

Re-Nue Spa

Lisa Bassler - 518-861-5723 Extension 5

Lisa has been with Re-Nue Spa for 17 years as a stylist. Her loyal clientele receives a wide variety of hair and waxing services.  

Racquel Vincent - 518-861-5723 Extension 6#

Racquel is the newest member of Re-Nue Spa. A graduate from the Paul Mitchell school of Schenectady. Racquel is a talented stylist that is looking to build and expand her clientele. Racquel enjoys coloring, lightening, and cutting. 

Stylists (Cosmetologists) 

Accepting New Clients 

Nail Technician   

Stacy Tanner - 518-861-5723 Extension 1#

Stacy has been an Esthetician with Re-Nue since 2010.

Stacy enjoys bringing positive energy into her facial services as she also is a health and life coach!

Stacy is accepting new clients. 

Dawn Munroe - 518-861-5723 Extension 2

Dawn has been with Re-Nue Spa for 27 years. 

she calls herself the boss as she has been with the salon for the longest and skilled at cut and coloring.